Hardware FeaturesSoftware Features
CAN busDB9 Conn BracketMicro-SDCAN FDGPIOSW config
120 ohm
Incoming Data
& Log Recorder
Send DataGatewayCAN message
triggered event
& API Interface
Triggering an
event on
incoming CAN

Recorded Data
Pocket CANDual *MaleOptionalX **X **
Desk CANDualMale + FemaleOptionalXXXQ3 2024
Desk CAN FDDualMale + FemaleOptionalXXXXQ3 2024X
Storage CANDualMale + FemaleOptionalXXXXXXQ3 2024XX
Lab CANDualMale + FemaleIncludedXXXXXXQ3 2024XXX
Car CANSingleMaleIncludedXXXXXXXX

* Pocket CAN supports dual bus, however it is limited to display traffic from one bus at a time as selected, but not on both buses in parallel.  All other dual bus variants show full parallel bus traffic of sent and received data in a common view.

** Pocket CAN designed for lower traffic content buses. See detailed technical specifications on each product page below.

$349 – non FD
$399 – with FD
price TBDprice TBDprice TBD
Basic CAN hardware module with many great features at an entry point

Send and Receive messages and export data with limitations on maximum bus messages plus selectable dual CAN bus monitoring and support for CAN DBC import along with graphical analyzer and TCP interface and reverse engineering tools
The starting point professional CAN hardware module with more features and power

Upgraded micro offering higher CAN bus traffic support and full dual CAN bus monitoring plus male and female DB9 ports for CAN traffic pass-through bus tapping, CAN message event triggering, macro message sending and API interface.

Optional variant with CAN FD
Advanced Features and data storage hardware module for a customized experience

Desk CAN plus a micro-SD reader for recording extended or standalone CAN traffic and the ability to configure the hardware as a CAN gateway.
Tailored for a more integrated hardware programmable lab environment including CAN FD

Desk CAN with upgraded support for dual CAN FD and programmable GPIO interface and the ability to configure the hardware as a CAN gateway and comes with an industry standard rack mount bracket
A true standalone data logger that can be wired into a vehicle or other test device

Dedicated standalone hardware module with micro-SD card and GPIO intended to interface to a vehicle. It can be programmed to send / receive messages and interface and trigger on GPIO hardware events and comes with a mounting bracket
non-FD Q1’24!
FD Q3’24!
Coming SoonComing SoonComing Soon
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