Advanced Features and data storage hardware module for a customized experience

Note: To be both cost and environmentally friendly, SeRoSys has decided not to include the standard USB cable.  These are readily available and it does not force the user to purchase a specific USB-A or USB-C style

Hardware FeaturesSoftware Features
Dual CAN bus
(Synchronous monitoring)
Male + Female DB9 connectorView Incoming CAN dataCAN logfile recorderSend CAN MessagesReverse Engineering
USB C connectorHigher power microDBC File supportGraphical AnalyserSave data exports / ExcelTCP Interface
Micro-SD Card Readerindependent SW configurable 120 ohm termination on both busesMacro message sendingConfigurable as a CAN GatewayMicro-SD reading /
Convert export to .ASC format
CAN FDTriggering an event on incoming CANPlayback / send recorded CAN dataCAN message triggered eventsAPI Interface
Download CANAnalyser Software V54
Download Installation and User’s Manuals
View Installation Manual
View User’s Manual
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